Caleb Snyder

Philosophy: With a balance of proper nutrition, exercise, good sleep, and patience - watch what your body is capable of! 
  • Bachelor Of Science In Exercise Science   
  • M.S. Ed Kinesiology & Food And Nutrition
  • ACSM-CPT                                   
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Natural Bodybuilding, Music (Bassist For Local Band Cause of Ruin), Traditional Archery, All Outdoor Activities, Game Of Thrones!

Cody Pike

Philosophy: I Strive To Exceed Expectations In All Aspects Of A Client's Fitness Journey. I Care About My Clients As Individuals And Am Thrilled To See The Transformation Of Their Body, Mindset, Confidence, Health, And Ultimately, Their Lives.
  • USAW Level 1 Coach   
  • IHSA Certified Coach                 
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist 
Interests: Sports, hiking, coaching, walking his dog Bella  

Brittany Bowkley

Riley Riggs

Philosophy: Fitness is not just about looking good. It's about your health and well-being. Shoot to become the best version of yourself and you'll be surprised on all the amazing things you can do! I believe exercises is one of the best therapies out there. Get out and stay active to fulfill a happy and healthy life.
  • Bachelor Of Science In Exercise Science   
  • Minor in Psychology
  • ACSM-CPT                                   
  • First Air & CPR

Kelsie Walker

Philosophy: Showing up is 80% of the battle. So show up for yourself consistently and see just how good you can feel and how far you can go.
  • Bachelors in Exercise Science
  • Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
  • NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
Philosophy: Nutrition is a concept that the media has tried to sell us as diet culture not excluding such fad diets and week long juice cleanses. Yet, nutrition encompasses far more than that. These concepts are not something you turn on and off, to achieve long term health, overall lifestyle changes are necessary.
  • Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Precise Nutrition Level One Certified Nutrition Coach
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